“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”

Mikhail Baryshnikov


Meet Our Instructors


Tina McCarey

Tina McCarey is the owner and director of Power Elite Dance Academy and has a collective 50 years of dance and gymnastics experience. With an unquenchable passion for the art and a genuine interest in our students, she is a dynamic and experienced leader, mentor and role model.


Jamie Allen

Studying everything from tap, jazz, and contemporary, to ballet, gymnastics and choreography for over 20 years, Jamie brings a diverse repertoire to our studio. She is currently one of our company ballet teachers.

Gina Waters

Gina has been dancing from the age of six, and though versed in most genres of dance, she is currently our main company ballet teacher.

Tiffany McBride

Tiffany works with our younger dancer and brings her joy of dance to all of her classes.


Alijah Widner

Fresh out of high school but definitely not new to dancing, teaching or choreography, Alijah joins our team of instructors bringing her extensive dance education and unique style to her classes.

Hunter McCarey

An accomplished and professional trained gymnast, Hunter brings unrivaled experience to our tumbling program from tots to teenagers.

Djaniel Holzkamp-Carter

Looking for a great Beginner Dance Instructor who really knows how to get you moving? For many years, Riley Jones has been an influential part of our business, providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their dance goals.


Tristin Rayburn

Tristan has been dancing since just about the time she learned to walk. She brings passion and heart to every class she leads.

Rebecca Haverland

Focused on our beginner dancers, Rebecca brings years of experience and unprecedented patience to teaching little ones not only skill but confidence.

Brandon Diebold

Brandon has joined our tumbling team to help our students excel and hone their skills.


Kade Erdman-Kennelly

Kade has been training in gymnastics for about 18 years. He believes it is good exercise and helps build determination and enhances new skills. 


Kahzeem is a great addition to our staff, teaching in our tumbling program helping our students grow their skills.

Krysta Diebold

Krysta is a new addition to our tumbling staff bringing years of dance and gymnastics experience to her instruction.


Shay Ajeman


Presley Martinez

Student instructor

Mahlea Widner

Student instructor


Cierra Ruiz







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